Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The following tools are now available in Tekla Warehouse:

HRC Rebar Couplers (US)

Click here to access the HRC Couplers plugin for Rebar Coupler tool. This plugin adds two HRC 400-series components and one 500-series custom component (part type) to the component catalog. 


HRC T-heads (US)

Click here to access the HRC T-heads plugin for the Rebar End Anchor tool. This plugin adds four HRC 100-series custom components, HRC 555 and HRC 670 components to the component catalog.


HRC T-heads US Plugin

Click here to access the Plugin developed to easily insert HRC-T-heads. 

HRCs components in Tekla Warehouse can be accessed by clicking on the logo below:



More BIM components can also be found on HRC Europe website.



The following tools are now available in Autodesk Revit:


HRC products can be downloaded into a user’s family library via convenient RFA (REVIT Family) files. They are loaded into the project (or into the template) as other families via «Insert – Load Family». The product families allow adding of project-specific data, as the rebar grade. This is done with the family editor.


HRC products are represented by following product families:


  • HRC 100 Series T-Headed Bars
  • HRC 400 Series Mechanical Couplers
  • HRC 500 Series Mechanical Couplers
  • HRC 555 Series T-Headed Bars
  • HRC 670 Series Field Installed T-Heads


HRC product families for Autodesk Revit can be downloaded below:




If you have questions, concerns or feedback on our BIM tools, please contact us:


Robbie Hall
Headed Reinforcement Corporation
(678) 333-4450